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  1. equusteacher

    equusteacher New Member

    Although this is not about a specific trail ride, it does apply to trail riding so I'm putting it here!

    What are your favorite type of saddle bags?

    Do you use a horn bag or cantle bag or both?

    Who is your favorite supplier?

    What do you carry in your saddle bags?
  2. horsefreak

    horsefreak New Member

    I like the ones at F&F for 12.00. They don't last forever but they are low cost to buy them again, and I always have a cantle bag, don't like horn bags (but smokers do and they are nice for cameras).

    Good things in the bags to name a few are: A small first aid kit, band aids, wet wipes (also double as toilet paper if needed) spare rein & leather strip, halter, rain slicker, bug spray, hoof pick, wire cutters, vet wrap (and Kotex for large wounds), tampon (for humans), pill bottle with Imodium AD, Advil, and Tums. Oh and on large rides I have Banammine with me too..

  3. paige

    paige New Member

    I use supposedly waterproof saddle bags that are not, and they are three parters so I can store dry goods in the top part. I carry beer, soda and ice in those

    Then I carry a horn bag with my camera, my allergy meds, and do not ask my why--a cheese slicer.
  4. Shelley

    Shelley Senior Member

    I used to use a horn bag but have trouble with it coming off while cantering. I started tying it onto the D-rings but it still bugs me so I broke down and bought a nice cantle bag. I can cram a lot of shiz into it. I can't drink beer or pop so I carry water or gatorade in separate water bottle holder thingies.

    Is there a trick to keeping a horn bag on? I ride in a rope hackamore that has a leadline which I tie onto the horn. Even that doesn't keep the freakin' bag from coming off. The bag has never fallen to the ground it just ends up in front of the saddle on my horses neck. Probably because I keep the contents evenly balanced.
  5. paige

    paige New Member

    Not that I know of, mine sometimes comes off too. There is always good ol bailing twine!
  6. Tbitt

    Tbitt Most beloved member of MW

    Holy shit keep that much stuff in your bag?!?!?

    I have a saddle pad with pockets, one side I keep a small med kit. no meds though.

    on the other side I keep human stuff.

    I also have a cantle bag for my hubby that has a lead rope, a rope halter, bugspray little stufflike that.

    I want to look into getting a small something something that I can attach to my person that will carry my keys, phone and ID - but I have not found anything like that..........that I like - but I have to admit that I haven't looked that hard yet.

    I have also been toying with the idea of getting some sort of dog tag with me and my horses info on it, just in case we get separated.
  7. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    I have a horn bag that I bought at the Midwest Horse Fair for not much money.
    It holds one beverage and has a holder for a cell phone.

    I loop in through the front of my saddle under the horn and it stays put.
  8. MyTeDun

    MyTeDun Senior Member

    I have not been on a trail ride yet but I'm working on it.

    Saddlebags are the ones at F&F, nylon. Comes with a water bottle in a horn bag with a snap on it

    I have tons of stuff in mine ready to go-----vet wrap, first aid, aspirin, medicine boot, leather punch, roll on bug stuff, 100% deet for me, knife for emergency, compass.

    I keep a fanny pack ready to put on me with cell phone, ID , snacks , keys for truck ,$$, benedryl
  9. Peggy Sue

    Peggy Sue New Member

    I have these in black that I use ALOT carries my ciggys, thing of tea, camcorder, camera, TP, wonder dust adn Off bug spray .. I love them

    I also have one of these that I carry a car ashtray cup thing in for my butts

    I have a bigger set of saddle bags that are insulted but I have yet to use them :p
  10. AppyGSP

    AppyGSP Senior Member

    A horn bag is a must for my water bottle. I have F&F saddle bags but have yet to use them. I also just got a Cashel seat cushion which will be comfy on long rides.
  11. Shadow

    Shadow New Member

    I always ride with a horn bag..i usually have snacks, a drink or 2 ( one is generally a frozen water bottle to keep other drink cold, plus as it melts I have cold drinking water ) camera, hoof pic, meds for allergies, couple band aids. it sounds like alot but isn't really. I use saddle bags when going out for an all day ride..drinks, lunch, etc. and I have a cantel bag is rain is hold the rain gear..but I try to avoid riding in moisture..I can but I don't really care too..he he he

    My horn bad is canvas, I have various types of saddle bags canvas, insulated, and a new pair of leather I bought off a friend..brand new, never been on a quality leather..wahoo..less than half the selling price. and cantel bag is leather also.
  12. whoaboy

    whoaboy Senior Member

    I have a canvas insulated saddle bag with a zipper which I like, doesn't really keep stuff cold like it was advertised though. I only ride with it on big long trips when I need to carry a lunch, coats, halter and lead rope, otherwise I love my canvas with fleece backing bag that fits on the front of the saddle and has a zipper top and ties on, I hate those darn pommel bags that fit over the horn, they never lay right and flop around too much. I carry a hoof pick, knife, compass with whistle, trail map, fly spray (mini bottle). I saw a really neat one this past week end. These men got a canvas one from Midwest that also had a bag in the middle besides the ones that hang on each side. They took it too the Amish and they reinforced the "hanging" part that lays over the horse with leather, then they put a foam insert inside with a thick plastic liner and these guys carried a 12 pack each side and said it truly stayed ice cold, no drip or leaking! At any rate, I loved the leather reinforcement idea and it looked great too. Midwest used to sell them, they don't have this particular style anymore and of course, they didn't do the Amish thing with them.
  13. cherokee

    cherokee New Member

    for both my horse and the mule I ride I use saddlebags and hornbags from tough 1
    and I have a cantle bag.

    My hornbags have a place for two drinks on the one side and a large bag with a small
    zipper pouch on the other side. In the bag I have snacks, in the smaller zip pouch is
    my camera.

    My saddlebags have a spot for a drink on each side. I don't use thoose. I usually
    take a light weight windbreaker roll it up as tight as I can put hair ties around it
    and put it in one of the drink spots. The saddle bag on my left usually caries lunch,
    and human first aide stuff. Bandaides, tripple antibiotic ointment, small bottle of listerine,
    ibuprofin, tylanol, pepcid a.c. and a pair of dry socks.

    my left saddlebag has first aid for horse, vet wrap, duct tape, diaipers, a small spray
    bottle of flyspray, hoofpick, xtra strips of leather, an xtra curbchain.

    my cantlebag has a rain poncho in it along with a rain slicker.

    I have mine set for quick on quick off. I have the metal D's on four spots on the
    back of my saddle with two sided snaps. my saddle bags snap to two of the d's
    and my cantle bag snaps to the other two.

    same thing with my horn bags I use two sided snaps and snap them into my breastcollar
    d's after I have secured the breastcollalr.thus there is less bouncing of all the bags
    and I know everything is secure.

    I am glad I snap my hornbags in to my breastcollar D's as five years ago while in
    Emminance out on the trail all day I noticed the right side of my breastcollar sagging
    I looked down and the only thing holding my breastcollar up were my horn bags as
    the D came right out of my saddle. We had been crossing alot of deep water
    so I thank my lucky stars I set up my stuff the way that I did.

    I also try to make sure that I carry at least three bottles of ice water with me. I usually
    drink two wich leaves one for emergancy for horse or human.