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Discussion in 'The Corral' started by equusteacher, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. equusteacher

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    I have been researching used dressage saddles for some time now.
    I'm seeing a large number of 18", 19" and even 20" seats available.

    Not having gone to a tack shop and sat in saddles in a long while, has seat sizing changed?
    Those seem like very large seat sizes to me. Have dressage saddle makers changed how they fit the human ass to account for such sizing?

    I can't imagine it's only "larger boned" people selling their saddles to account for it.

    As I said, merely a curiosity.
  2. Shannon

    Shannon New Member

    My experiance working at the tack shop was as a "guide" is that if a person takes a 16" western trail/ pleasure saddle, they take a 15" barrel saddle, a 17" Hunt/ Jump saddle or cutting saddle, and an 18" dressage saddle.

    Of course, that was a complete guide for us as employees.

    There were plenty of reasons why this guide may not be applicable to a specific individual.

  3. funnypaint

    funnypaint New Member

    Depends on your leg length too.

    My knee goes over any 17" hunt seat saddle even though it fits my butt. I need an 18" hunt seat and at least an 18" dressage saddle.
  4. lori

    lori New Member

    That's what I was thinking... Western+2". I was under the impression most average would probably need a 16" Western saddle (or at least start there and move up or down as needed for their particular build). At the local tack store, though, seems like their used roping saddles are always 18". I just think about some of those bigger guys that do the cow events and that makes sense...

    I'm a pretty average woman and have always rode in a 15" barrel saddle, but I would like to try a 14.5" though I have a suspicion that will be too little.