Saddlebred Rescue needs your help!

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    Hi Everyone!

    As many of you know, Hannah and I have been heavily involved in showing horses, namely the American Saddlebred, for several years now. Hannah is still continuing to show, however my involvement with the breed seems to have taken a turn. In New Jersey, there is a group named Saddlebred Rescue. They have been pulling horses out of kill pens and rehabbing them and adopting them out to loving homes, lesson programs, trail riders, training barns etc. There is a large population of saddlebred barns here in the Midwest, however, New Jersey is a long way away to actually see these horses and find out if they would fill someones needs. I got the idea to have one sent to me to "foster" it and see if we could get it adopted out here in the Midwest. Enter, "Ms. Toby", a beautiful bay Amercian Saddlebred mare who is 11 years old. She came off the trailer and we were stunned at her beauty. Ms. Toby had been at SBR for over a year and really needed to find a forever home. Hannah went to work with Ms Toby and with supervision, trained her over the next 3 weeks. We then took new pictures of Ms Toby and posted them on the SBR website. Ms. Toby was adopted that night!!! She is going to Indiana to be a dressage horse! And so a new venture begins for me. This week we received two more horses from SBR, in hopes that we can find them homes also. They jumped on a trailer that was coming this way and after a 27 hour trailer ride, arrived quite weary. Blues Clues and Ninja Girl, as they are named are settling in and will begin their training this week. And here it comes......SBR and I could really use donations toward their shipping costs. Winter is coming and funds are needed! If you can give even a little $10, $15, whatever you can spare, it will be so appreciated. It is a tax deduction too!! We would like to continue with this venture, but can only do so with the help and donations of others. These horses are so deserving, as most of them have spent their lives pulling Amish buggies to town and are worn out from long miles on the road, and were close to death before SBR saved them. Please go to to to see what they are all about and find out how to donate. They have a paypal link to make it super easy, or you can just mail it in.

    Thanks to you all!