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Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by snaffle, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. snaffle

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    Every winter I will have a hen or two get a cold (?)
    They cough or 'bark'

    it really sounds like a little bark...
    I had one hen do this all summer too..

    last winter I had 2 or 3 die..
    the winter before.. the same thing..

    they cough or bark for a couple of months and then croak.

    I always put meds in the drinking water and it never helps.

    this year I am using Vet-rx, nutri drench.. an electrolyte and 32% peroxide in their  water and so far none have died. The little hen who barked all summer is still alive and another hen is barking.

    I had pneumonia or bad colds go through my flock 20  years ago and the peroxide got rid of it.

    I just can not get this out of them. any suggestions?

  2. Brilliance

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    What antibiotics have you been using?

    Vits in the water have helped me too.

  3. HorseFarm

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    We had a rooster who had developed the "barking cough". I took him into work with me, the vet gave me amoxi-drops. We gave him a dose morning and night. He got over it in about 3 weeks.

  4. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    amoxi drops..

    who woulda thunk!!!

    Brilliance.. I cant think of the meds off the top of my head ..
    I bought them at Farm and Fleet
  5. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    one of the packets of poultry medication that I have used (not this year) is Aureomycin