Sink hole Yikes

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    PRAIRIE FARM, Wis. -- The owners said their horse might have spent a full day in a collapsed well at Prairie Farm in northwestern Wisconsin before being found and rescued by workers who dug a trench to get her out.

    Cory and Sandy O'Brien said they spent all day Wednesday searching for Cory's horse, Dolly, and finally found her about 5 p.m. in the well.

    According to the Barron County Sheriff's Department, the ground around the well collapsed and the horse fell back into the hole.

    Excavators with a backhoe were called in and dug the trench. Neighboring farmers and friends joined sheriff's and fire department personnel in working for hours to free the horse.

    Sandy O'Brien said Dolly was resting and eating Thursday but wouldn't stand up, apparently because of soreness.
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    Oh thanks a bunch! Last year out by the well (it is a drilled well) in my yard I noticed this hole about foot across and about ten feet from it. So I stuck the rake handle down there to see how far it went, which was the entire rake handle, took a couple steps back during that but then curiousty got me! The hole was about two feet around and about five feet deep, no water in it, just a hole. Nobody here seemed to give much of a shit about it, so I just filled the hole in. Everytime I mowed, when I got close to it I didnt waste anytime there! Thought for sure with my luck, well it wouldnt be pretty. So just about a week ago I go out by there and there is that frickin hole again, not as deep this time only about a couple feet so far. This time though I called the well drillers and asked them and they said "just keep an eye on it", (duh) "if it didnt have water in it it was just a sink hole". No shit idiots but how far down do you think I might "sink"?