Sleazy sizing

Discussion in 'The Corral' started by whoaboy, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. whoaboy

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    I need to know what size to get for my QH which is 15H, tape weight is 1,085 pounds. Now, here is the sizing I am debating over...Medium is 800-1100 pouncs and large is 1100-1400 pounds. What size should I get because I am concerned they will fit tight, given the material they are made of, though sure they ought to stretch, but then again, how true to size is this weight thing anyway? Anybody familiar with the fit of these things? (by the way, I am talking about a full body sleazy, not just the hood.)
  2. BUC

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    I really don't know how you size them aside from the weight...but I do have a sleezy in med and large. I have yet to have a horse (except for heavy breed crosses) that the large fit well. I really think your best bet is the Med.

  3. ihave3

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    I agree with Buc I usually use the M on all my average horses the only one who takes a large is my 1250 lbs 16 hand paint gelding.
  4. MyTeDun

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    My 15.3h, blimpo gelding wears a medium. Right now its snug but like I said he is a blimp