Sleep walking or seizure?

Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by syndiego, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. syndiego

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    I vote for seizure......almost to the grand-mal stage.....I do have a dog that moves her feet when she sleeps, and sometimes she whines, but NOTHING like this....I also have a dog that has seizures.....but again, they are not like this at all...Gromit's are limited to focal seizures with a very brief recovery phase where he has to go potty outside RIGHT AWAY.....

  3. lori

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    I would like to have seen him when he wasn't old. When he is standing up, awake and asleep, he looks so physically uncomfortable. :( Makes whatever it is look not right.
  4. pinp

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    Seizure. Starbuck, when he has his, looks pretty dark close to this dog. He's usually out of it for the next 24 hours when he has his.
  5. Buffy

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    There's a second video too. They explain in the comments area that the dog has been to the vet many times and nothing has been found wrong with her. The owner was told to get some valium... for HERSELF, so she could sleep at night!
    Apparently the dog is a very vivid dreamer! :laugh:
  6. BUC

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    Sleep walking/talking :)

    I watched a video on this dog a few days ago too. They must have some uploaded under a different ID also. The one I watched the dog woke up abruptly instead of slowly coming too like these two videos. And when he woke up he hopped on his feet and happily, tail wagging, ran to his owner.
  7. Tbitt

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    I also think it is sleep walking - yes very disturbing - but I think sleep walking.

    I had a rottie that has seizures. They don't come out of it right away. My guys brain was a bit loopy for a quite a while after his seizures. He had BAD BAD BAD seizures.............they started out small, but then they progressed to the point that they were causing damage to his brain. We had to finally decide to put him to sleep............they created that much damage.

    So, I've seen several types of seizures...........this kind of looks similar - but I see things in the video that makes me think they are not.
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    I had to stop watching after 30 seconds. It reminded me too much of the seizures my old dog used to have.
  10. Tbitt

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    I think the wall helped him wake up in that last one.................. >:D :-

    I do admit there are points that look a bit like a seizure - but most of the time it does not.

    His legs move (in both of the videos) in unison, he is barking and growling...........and as violent at this is - he is not pissing all over him self.
    His face/mouth/neck are never involved in it either.

    Even with my guy's smaller seizures - they were not as controlled as this poor dog's.

    Now, I wonder if there isn't something a vet could give this poor dog so that he can sleep sounder. This can not be refreshing - I bet this poor dog is miserable.............the poor thing!
  11. poodlelover

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    Whatever it is it makes me sad for him.

    I agree Tbitt - there must be something they could give him to help. :-
  12. Shell

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    I had a rabbit that had seizures, not sure if it makes a difference, but her whole body tensed up and moved uncontrollably. When it was over she just laid there for a bit than would try to get up but being to weak would only be able to lay on her stomach in a daze.
  13. Rivka

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    Looked exactly like my old dog's seizures. He never messed on himself. I would have to get him outside within 5 minutes or so though.
  14. Kellysdream

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    I seen the second video today and thought the dog was having seizures. My lab has had a few and threw himself in the wall. He had a really bad one and didn't pee on himself. It was terrible and when he came out of it he came right over to me.

    If I would have seen the second video earlier I would defiantly say seizure. I was trying to see if his legs were shaking when he was coming out of this one. It was hard to tell.

    I didn't like the video and it's all over the place. I'm no expert but it sure reminded me of Harley's seizures!