SO....any opinion on the Super Bowl game

Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by Shadow, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Shadow

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    Persoanlly I do not understand WHY the sports casters think it was one of THE most exciting games in recent history...I fell asleep during the 3 quarter..I was awake for the end..which was VERY dissapointing..I was hoping the Cardinals would win..I always go for the underdog!! but it really wasn't that exciting of a game... The "Boss" rocked way better than anyone they have had in recent yrs. ( NO costume malfunctions..too bad !!) JMO...anyone else ....................................
  2. desederada

    desederada New Member

    The GATORS are way more exciting ;)

  3. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    The sports casters get paid good money..
    to make comments like that..

    at the beginning, I asked my husband who was favored to win.. he told me it was the steelers.

    My reply was..
    ok .. then the game is going to be close.. going back and forth..
    people will get excited and stressed..
    they will get their money's worth from the game..
    it will be a close ending..
    and the steelers will win.

    I thought the commercials sucked.
  4. Blueyz2

    Blueyz2 New Member

    I had wanted the Cardinals to win....I also was rooting for the underdogs. But as I watched the game it became clear to me that the Cardinals, well...really do suck! I am in no way a football person but they just did not play well.

    I agree Snaffle, the commercials sucked too! Not very entertaining to me at all....maybe next year!
  5. horsefreak

    horsefreak New Member

    Nice to see Bruce Springsteen! The spinach dip was very good, the wings not so great, the beef sandwiches were awesome. Ok so I went to the party... but I'm only a half time fan, not a game fan.
  6. Shell

    Shell New Member

    I ate the taco dip while in MWH's Chat Room, that my bf bought for the game ;D
  7. Mass

    Mass Senior Member and Masscaster

    The end of the fourth quarter was pretty good and I love all Bud commercials. :)
  8. cherokee

    cherokee New Member

    I thought the Cards played good it was the freakin officials that sucked. They were
    on the Cards like a stuck fly on a glue trap and let the steelers get away with pretty
    much anything.

    The Clyde commercials were great I loved the one with the dog and horse playing fetch
    thought it was cute.

    Loved the boss but was so disapointed that he didn't do Born in the USA

    I also loved that they had the flight crew from 1549 there and the crowd went crazy
    that was so awsome.