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    So the @ssholes at MetLife dental denied my claim for the onlay I had done in December. :th_flipoff:

    My dentist has been on my @ss for THREE years to get the onlay done. He was VERY concerned I would fully fracture the tooth. I had a VERY prominent crack in the tooth, and it was becoming more and more sensitive. He was concerned I would end up with a root canal + full crown if I didn't get the onlay done. So I opted to flex for half the cost last year, and get it done.

    So the jerks at the insurance company determined that there was no need for the onlay. :slapfight: :th_flipoff: I want to challenge them. HOW would they know? Three years of xrays showing the crack! WTF?
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    Well, if it hurt how can they say it wasn't necessary? What a crock of shiz. Many times they deny hoping the insured won't fight it. I'd call and ask why the denial? What did they suggest you do about the sensitive tooth?


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    Talk with your dentist clinics insurance billing clerk and see if she called the insurance company back about the denial. A lot of times a claim is denied because the insurance company wants supporting paperwork that was not sent to them the first time around.