Status updates of reservations/general info for the Ghost Hollow MWH Trail Ride

Discussion in 'Happy Trails' started by Ponythief, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Ponythief

    Ponythief New Member

    I thought I would start a new thread for the status changes of commitments. And general informative things.
    It was getting lost in all the pages.
    So when the status changes I will update it here so everyone can keep track of it too.

    Post your commitment or change on the original thread so everyone knows there

    And I will make the changes here.


    Origional info:

  2. Ponythief

    Ponythief New Member


    Lodge committed people:
    PonyT 2 Deposit paid
    Tbitt 2 Received Deposit
    ET 2 Received Deposit!
    kellysdream 1 Received Deposit!
    Angien 1 Received Deposit!
    BUC 1
    Whoaboy 1 Received Deposit!
    AJU 2 Deposit received!
    PT 1 Received Deposit! 4/18/09 Can no longer go
    mrponies 2 Received Deposit!
    Buffy 1 Received Deposit!
    Poodlelover 1

    Trailer Camping:
    Hooves and hubby (Sorry - I forgot to put them on the list)
    Shadow's Friend
    ihave3 and hubby
    Blueyz2 and hubby
    Lori Parcial Deposit Received
    Lori's friend (Chris)

    Syndiego - pretty sure she's coming
    Shell 2 (Before you decide 100% Shell, chat with Tbitt ;)) <--posted by Tbitt. :-*
    Ms. Walkabout
    Morapt...thinking about a day trip, I think she needs to have a break from the kids and stay


    Confirmed "No":
    Peggy Sue
    Mass ~~edited~~
    AkPony party pooper

  3. Tbitt

    Tbitt Most beloved member of MW

    [size=20pt]Things we all need to remember to bring along:[/size]

    Hay for your horses (if you don't pay for a stall - Alfalfa or Alfalfa/grass mix is included)

    hay bags

    feed pans


    Lawn chairs

    Cooler full of your fav beverages

    This post will also be updated when the time comes closer
  4. Tbitt

    Tbitt Most beloved member of MW

    If I've left anything out feel free to PM me and I will add it!
  5. JenR

    JenR Formerly Underworld Queen

    What's the charge for day trippers to come over and ride for a day and not spend the night?
    Also, what's the accomodations for them -- do they have to park someplace seperately, access to water, etc.?
  6. Tbitt

    Tbitt Most beloved member of MW

    Per PonyThief:

  7. Tbitt

    Tbitt Most beloved member of MW

    I want to get an idea of stalls we are going to need.

    I'd like to be able to send him a round about count, about a week before our trip, so he can have plenty of time to erect them.

    Stall's needed:

    tbitt (2)
    whoaboy (2)
    PT (1)
    Buffy (1) <-- Money sent to PonyThief
    mrponies (2) <-- Needs end stalls
    Angien (1)
    Horsefreak (1)
    Shadow (2) (1 comes with camping fee - the rest are $30/weekend)
    Shadow's Friend (2) (1 comes with camping fee - the rest are $30/weekend)
    Blueyz2 and hubby (1)
    AllJackedUp (2)
  8. paige

    paige New Member

    We need two stalls unless allowed picket lines
  9. JenR

    JenR Formerly Underworld Queen

    I might stop by for a few hours -- not bringing anything but my own ass and maybe a couple of other asses -- just to partake of some sylvan refreshments and scintillating conversation. It's up in the air though -- I never know when I get some time to myself until it's actually happening.
  10. BUC

    BUC Administrator

    Thank you Tbitt for keeping this all straight!!!!!! :-*