Stonewall Sporthorse??

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    My thoughts exactly as I was looking at their website...all those horses look like totally different breeds. You can't create a breed within one or even two or 3 etc generations, you simply have a cross. A breed is supposed to have certain traits and characteristics.

    I have a soft spot for crosses, as I've known some very nice ones. My all time favorite horse (present company excluded) was a Belgian/Standardbred cross, and my aunts heart horse was a Saddlebred/Welsh cross. You'd have never guessed any of those breeds in either horse. But they were AWESOME horses. However, if I went about making those same crosses the odds of coming up with horses who shared the same traits as the originals is pretty darn slim. I wouldn't consider them the same breed at all!
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    photofinish- don't even get me started on American Warmbloods- ugh anything can be one of these.

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    Aren't all horses except Arabians "MUTTS" I think Gypsies are more MUTTS than Stonewall and Sugar Bush Drafts. Last time I looked I could not find a Gypsy under $5000K that I could trace back to the 1800's? I know that when I look up a Sugar Bush Draft or a Stonewall Sport horse I can see where they came from and the quality of bloodlines that follows! Look at our AQHA breed they have a history of HYPP, GBED, MH, HERDA, PSSM and other defects that can be traced to specific lines? That is why we bring in different back ground of breedings. So the line does not end up with a gene pool of problems. All the same they are breed for confirmation, disposition and functionality.

    How long do you think Appaloosa, AQHA, ApHC, APH have been around? What do you think they did to "create that new breed" to make it what it is today? Rebuilding or creating a breed is not NEW news.
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    Somebody got their toes stepped on pretty hard to dredge up a year old thread...
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    1. ConFORmation.

    2. Not new news, but not necessarily GOOD news either, especially if it's crapshoot pairings and the basis of the "breed" is size and color. ::)