Stupid People Vent!

Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by WindyKnollFarm, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. WindyKnollFarm

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    So I get an email from my hubby- a "forward" from the IT professional in his company with instructions to follow the instructions contained and then forward the email to all friends and family.

    It's that STOOPID email about the cell phone list, and call the number to get on the "no call" list. Hubby, and EVERYONE in the company were INSTRUCTED by this person to make sure and call the # from their company cell phones to get on the list!! So my husband did. I chewed his a$$ out! And sent him the snopes article, and the Fed Trade Commission item about it. I hope that he slams this person into the wall.

    OMFG!!! This email has been going around FOREVER!! And this STOOPID IT "professional" BELIEVES it?????!!! And worse yet- does NOT check it out herself before forwarding it to HUNDREDS of people?? What an a$$.

    <Okay, it's a slow day here, sorry.> :-

    Tell me about the stupid people who have crossed your path today!
  2. Willie76

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    We are experiencing some stoopid teenage drama on the equestrian team right now ( add lazy unmotivated people with stupidity and 40 + girls...) anyways. Yesterday I was in my car and the old president and myself were chatting about some new evolving issues going on and a friend of mine was standing outside the car, listening. (Did not know that). When I got out of the car, she asked me what it was about, I said it was no big deal but please don't repeat anything to anyone. She says, "Nooooo problem."

    This morning I get a text from another team member about the conversation. I asked where she had heard the info and she says friends name. I call friend asking her what she didn't understand about "DON'T SAY ANYTHING." But for some reason, I'm the bad guy for calling her out on poor behavior. It's just stoopid and unnecessary.

  3. Mstar

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    Ummm, well theres some stupid people at the local missile range who decided it would be a good idea to let a sonic boom rip at 7:30 this morning, juuuuuust as I was getting back to the barn, and scared the bejesus out of me and the horse I was riding. I'd like to go yell at them but they have bigger guns than me:-D