The horse and the possum

Discussion in 'The Corral' started by lori, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. lori

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    OK, observe this guy. This is Punky, Punk-a-lunk, Lunkhead. Of all the horses, he's the one whose brain I least admire. He's comes off as very dopey. When I talk about him--he's the one who had limited turn out previously and he was sort of socially retarded.

    Anyway, he was out by himself, and most of the other horses were in the bigger, adjacent lot. I was cleaning stalls, and I came out with a load to see Punky running around, jumping up with his front end, tossing his head, generally acting really pissed off at something on the other side of the pen. I see something that looks like a branch laying there..except there aren't really any trees around that could have dropped a branch there. As I get closer, Punky ran over to the side of the fence to be next to me, and followed me over, and I realized he was upset about a possum being about 10' from his pen.

    I grabbed a handful of rocks, and decided I'd make the possum think crazy people lived here. (I'm sure in short order he will be dispatched with a gun, but I do not want to be there, do not want to be the one that directly contribued to his death, etc...but I have no doubt it will happen soon.) The funny thing is that as I ran up to the possum, Punky was right at my shoulder, tossing his head, like him and his sidekick Lori were coming to do in the possum. I did get it chased off, and it ran along the fence of the lot 5 other horses were in, and once it disappeared out of sight I looked over, and all 5 of them were bunched up side-by-side staring in shock.

    So while Punky the dummy was angry and wanted to do the possum in, all the other horses were just standing there like :eek: I kind of have a new respect for Punk-a-lunk.
  2. Tbitt

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    I bet if you let him - he'd have stomped the opossum!!!

    Drifter is my "protector" of the group. If something weird is going on - the other horses bunch up together and Drifter comes to the front of the group all ready to fight! Nostrils flaring and front feet a stomping!

    Good For Punk-a-lunk - he might earn his place after all!

    Love the name - btw....... :laugh:

  3. Willie76

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    that's cute....Punky & Sidekick Lori.

    I am Willie's protector. Yesterday out in the arena, a cat crossed through (not one of ours) he stopped dead, looked at the cat, looked at me, looked at the cat and back at me, like, do you seeeeee that! That doesn't belong here! He's a chicken.
  4. WindyKnollFarm

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    My doofus mare is generally the braver (or stupider?) of the two....she will chase off coyotes while the gelding literally stands with his head in a corner.
  5. horsedreamin

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    My dog brought home a deer hide and was too close to their pen. One of them could care less and the other was stomping, snorting, and in general having a total fit.
  6. PT

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    My horse would jump in my lap and wrpa her arms (legs?) around me if I let her, lol.

    Punky maybe be socially retarded, but you know he can fend for himself. :D
  7. MyTeDun

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    Mine would have run to the opposite side of the pen and stood there shaking and snorting until I rescued him. (Yogi)
  8. cherokee

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    It seems to me he is just protecting what is his (the pasture).

    I have a problem with cherokee doing this, only he stomps and kills them. I say problem
    because he not only stomps opossum, racoons but on occasion has stomped a few
    of the barn kitties. He only does this when they are in his pasture or on the barnyard.

    He doesn't go after the cats when I am around anymore. I started picking them up and
    carrying them around with me. I pet them and pet him. He somehow has decided
    to not stomp the kitties anymore but I still find coon and opossum dead. When ever I find
    them dead I look for any open wounds or sores on his legs. Have never found any.
  9. StarryNight924

    StarryNight924 New Member

    Never had any run ins with any possums or raccoons, but I guarantee you Stinky (Pizzazz) would be running the other direction. Though when I first got him, he went after a couple of the big dogs (something we got over REAL fast).
    That's funny though Lori, your's looks quite a bit like mine, with a little difference in markings. And Stinky was also, and still is, mildly retarded. We're getting better though!
  10. lori

    lori New Member

    Do not call Punky mine. :D

    I have rode him a few times, he is a TALL MOFO. And then you HAVE to take a bat to get him to do anything but a pleasure horse trot or you'll wear out your legs.

    OK, I have a video that makes me laugh at Punky. You need your sound on. It sounds like Punky's getting the crap spanked out of him--it's really just a noisy bat and that's the advantage of it, so don't go getting your animal rights panties in a bunch.