The price for finishing a window

Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by snaffle, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    I had a window put in last spring. it measures 9 feet x 4 1/2 feet.
    I didnt have the interior work done around the window figuring I could do it myself.

    Because of the way the window doesnt fit the wall perfectly.. I just can not figure out how to finish it myself ... first time I am giving up on a project and hiring someone!

    I asked a man whom I know to come out and give me an estimate.

    $350 ... does that sound right to you?

    He will have to add some drywall... because the window is shorter than the original opening..

    There will be a lot of 'building up' between the gap in the wall and the window..

    he will make 3 trips out here..
    one will be to drywall and mud..
    the 2nd will be to do the mud again..
    and the 3rd day he will be able to finish the wood work.

    Does $350 sound ok to you?

    It is a LOT of money to me.. but I just can not do this project by myself :-
  2. lori

    lori New Member

    How much space does he need to fill in?

    We had a similiar project. What he's got to do there is a PITA. It took lots and lots of layers (from a non-expert). It was a HUGE mess and took a long time with all the drying. Looks fine now but I never want to have any one but a professional do that again. Professionals clean up after themselves...

  3. equusteacher

    equusteacher New Member

    Actually, $350 does seem quite fair. Especially for all the filling / shimming and work to be done plus 3 separate trips out.
    Does that include him providing all the materials?
    Better to have it done professionally IMO.
    Be sure he has some kind of guarantee on his work though. YOu don't want to get into winter and find out there are gaps or drafts, nor spring rains and find out there is a leak!
  4. Peggy Sue

    Peggy Sue New Member

    Snaflle my hubby is a carpenter take some pics and I will show them to him when he gets home tonight and see what he says...
  5. MyTeDun

    MyTeDun Senior Member

    Snaffle, I would get another estimate. That seems high to me but we do all of our own work around here.
    It does sound like a huge window to finish but if its drywall work I can't imagine it being that much.
  6. Brilliance

    Brilliance New Member

    get another estimate but i dont think it will be much cheaper. We just spend over 7k to replace less than half the windows in our house, had to do alot of that kinda repair work