the stimulus bill is passing this weekend

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    While the compromise agreement cuts the spending down to something like $830 billion, the actual package (which is for $1 trillion) can be brought back in during committee.
    To put this into perspective: $1 trillion would take a person, spending $1 million dollars a year, from the time of Christ until now to use up.
    Of that $1 trillion dollars we're about to indebt ourselves with, approximately 1.3 million jobs will be created, they hope. Sounds great until you do the math: that's over $900,000 indebtedness for every job created.

    ACORN is getting a whole wad of cash, so indirectly will the environmental/animal rights movement -- read through the thing line by line and do the background check; it's there.

    Oh, and Austin, TX is getting a new frisbee golf park -- that's sure to be an employment stimulus right there (sadly, California's new water park is presently a victim of the compromise; hang on Cali, there' still hope for your log ride in committee).

    Also, somewhat indirectly related (kinda sorta) Rahm Emmanuel will be taking over the census -- moving it from the Dept. of Commerce to direct control from the White House -- big deal? Well, the census determines where federal monies will be spent and how electoral districts are drawn up.

    It's about time the White House took over this sort of thing -- fortunately they have our best interests at heart to save us from the big government bureaucracy of the Commerce Department. Rahm is such a swell guy too.

    But all is not bad news!!! a poor, tortured soul got his freedom after long incarceration today:

    Binyam Mohamed has been released this weekend from Gitmo; originally from Ethopia, lately by way of Britain to Afghanistan to the continental U.S., where he was arrested for allegedly (allegedly now) planning to blow up an apartment block and was also allegedly (allegedly!!) playing a role in a plot to detonate a radioactive "dirty bomb" with convicted terrorist Jose Padilla, Mr. Mohamed, on his release, stated that "he had been tortured" (not allegedly, apparently) and "in a most terrifying, inhumane fashion", oh "and the British were complicit in this".

    He was also "moved spiritually to become a suicide bomber for Islam" by a meeting (in person even and not allegedly) with Osama bin Laden at an al Queda training camp in Afghanistan.

    I'm glad to see that such a spiritual person is now free from the torturous shackles of torture-y imprisonment -- people should be allowed to worship the divine as freely as possible, right?