This one takes the cake

Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by desederada, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Jamik

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    Pure f*cking evil. :mad:

  2. Blueyz2

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    I wish I never read that, I too am speechless :'(
  3. JenR

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    What's "pure fucking evil" the @#$%@$#^%$#%^ who did this to her or the dumb, moral equivalency fucks who won't seek the death penalty for them because "they can't prove they'd be a future threat"?

    Seriously?! do these bastards really need to be haggled over like this!
    If there was ever a cause to go vigilante...and have you noticed more and more of this evil shit? Who the frak kills their kids, especially like this? (the story from Britain is just as bad)

    That cunt (and yes, she deserves the word) and her cockholster husband (and he deserves the word too) deserve to die very slow and very painfully and begging, yes, they need to know what it feels like, to beg for their lives and not be heard -- I think you could get me to do it for free.

    Things like this make me pray -- that Judgement Day can't come soon enough. Another couple I'm going to be happy to meet in hell.

    Actually, I'm not at all sure that the fucking justice system that's going to allow these miserable wastes of oxygen to live don't deserve a bit of a roughing up.
  4. Tbitt

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    I think I'm gonna puke........... :'(
  5. morapt

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    I'm sitting here at 11:30 pm crying after reading this. Jenm I'll be right behind you.
  6. desederada

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    That little girl had to be an angel because there is no way two butt ugly people like them had such a beautiful little girl.
  7. tater883

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    We need 3 things to fix this 1.a horse 2.a rope 3.a tree any questions? I have all 3 and would be glad to use them
  8. Shadow

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    Not an accident, but not intentional either...what part was NOT intentional...whipping with the belt, holding a pillow over her head, holding her head under water, beating her until she was dead, keeping her body in a barrel in the garage for a MONTH, or maybe it was taking her out to sea and dumping her remains.
    Theses sick bastards do not deserve to be sucking air. I cannot think of punishment severe enough to inflict upon these worth excuse of a human beings... A horse, a rope ,& a tree is way too fast...maybe 2 horses and several ropes pulling in opposite directions while attached to their extremides ( sp? ) would be more fitting for such a cruel and heartless couple.... IF NOT I hope their time in prison is just as horrific ...
    and Texas is just the perfect state for a couple child murdering shit bums to do time in prison ....I say let the devil have them >:D

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  10. Imzadi

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    That just made me stomach churn.... :'(
  11. NutsEmom

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    I read this before going to work this morning, started crying because I was so disgusted and angry. Thought I had it under control by the time I got in. Then we all started discussing news events this morning, I relayed this story and had almost everyone in tears. How could anyone live with themselves after that? And maybe I missed it, but how did they explain the little girl not being there any longer? Wouldn't neighbors or friends (if they had any) notice?
  12. asuits

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    I couldn't even make it through the whole article yesterday and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. It's just so so sad. The part that gets me is the "I love you" part. I just keep thinking that over and over again.
  13. syndiego

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    Who was there to hear the little girl say "I love you"....or did the evil fucking monster tell the story?

    This is just so sickening, I really get depressed as far as how this society is sliding into such evil decay. If you don't believe in God, stories like this prove the presence of Satan.

    There were no pictures of the biological Dad from OH. He must be going through hell right now. If not, his Mom (the grandma)
  14. BUC

    BUC Administrator

    I wondered that too. If it's a know fact it looks like one of them had to confess it :'( I really don't think their is any kind of real justice for these types of people.
  15. photofinish

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    I, too, wish I had never read that. I have to go throw up, now. Thanks.