Thought I would share....

Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by ReddySetGo, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Shell

    Shell New Member

    ooo-kaaay ??? This for a first post? and put in The Manure Pile?
    I'm all full of ??? tonight.

    Edit in: COOL!...I got a new title! Just noticed! Thanks....I think :- ;D :D

  2. BUC

    BUC Administrator

    I've seen the picture before but that has to be the best caption yet :D
  3. Morganfan608

    Morganfan608 New Member

    Shell, step up and help RSG make this Manure Pile worthy! Something like, I gonna stomp your hairy balls into the ground, you fucking hairbag!

    Love the pic RSG and welcome aboard!
  4. Mass

    Mass Senior Member and Masscaster


    Humor is always a good place to start.
  5. Tbitt

    Tbitt Most beloved member of MW

    OMG Girl - you are not with it.............I noticed that your title changed days ago....(at least, I think it was days ago)................... ::) What are you paying attention to? ::) :- :p ;D

  6. Shell

    Shell New Member

    I didn't think it was days ago about hammering the monkeys, Tbitt. Feels like it was just yesterday.

    Ok, let's see..... nope! can't come up with anything better.
    wait...somethings brewing.....
    Be the Last time you put a cold nose up my ass! or ...
    Come Here You! you look like a virgin! >:D

    Edit in: Welcome to MH ReddySetGo :)!

    edit again: Tbitt I think your in fast forward, hammers, monkeys and mofos on the 22nd & 23rd, todays the 24th. I'm not that far behind ;D