USDF "L" Program -- Region 2

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    USDF "L" Program -- Region 2

    The SW Chapter of the WDCTA is hosting the USDF L Program. Sessions A - C are scheduled as follows:

    Session A: Introduction to Judging and Biomechanics. March 14 -15. Instructor: Jayne Ayers

    Session B: Gaits & Paces, Movements & Figures. April 26-27. Instructor: Debbie Riehl-Rodriguez.

    Session C: Basics, Collective Marks, Rider Biomechanics, & Equitation. May 23-24. Instructor: Sandy Howard.

    Host facilities : Roma's Banquest Hall in East Troy for classroom, and LoRoge Equestrian Center in Mukwonago for demonstration rides.

    If you want to enroll, contact Kathryn Dunn imediately! Space is available. 608-223-9238

    If you wish to audit (I'll be there!), also contact Kathy Dunn. Auditing is $65 per session for WDCTA members, $75 per session for non-members. Pre-registration & payment is required.