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  1. Jen

    Jen New Member

    Let me start by saying I'm not a fan.

    Unfortunatly my SO's bow hunting addiction rivals my horsie addiction.

    Therefore, I need recipes, any & all. I do a mean (so I am told) stew, Chili & a few others that I was easily able to substitute venison for beef.

    Any great recipes I need to know about?
  2. sandburs

    sandburs New Member

    Steaks, cut all the fat out. rinse with water, roll in flour, fry in a little oil until brown, just 3-4 minutes. Place in roasting pan, add cream of mushroom soup, packet onion soup mix, and packet brown gravy mix. Add 1 quart water and bake for about an hour at 350. You can then thicken the gravy if it needs it, and serve with mashed potatoes, etc. This is awesome.

    Also you can beat out loin, into a tenderloin, coat with your favorite, egg, then crackers or seasoned flour, etc fry until done. Make very good and tender tenderloins!

  3. BUC

    BUC Administrator

    I love venison! Neither of us deer hunt anymore, but thank God for friends. We put 2-3 up every year :)

    I have a zillion recipes that I'll share when I can even think of food (feeling pitiful right now) but my favorite is chunked, marinated in teriyaki, wrap in bacon, grill........MMMmMMmMmMMmMMmmmm.
  4. cherokee

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    freeze your venision roast or thicker steaks till there is some ice crystals in it.
    then slice really thin marrinate in a teryacky sauce, soy sauce, brown sugar, cracked pepper,
    seasoning salt (lots of salt) over night then place the strips of venison onto food
    dehydrator trays and dry it into venison jerkey. I make it all the time in fall and winter.
    My hubby and his brother can't live without it. I hardly ever use the jerkey mix from stores
    I just make my own.
  5. Jen

    Jen New Member

    Thanks, keep 'em coming!
  6. AmyB

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    My bow hunting neighbor did venison steaks, the cuts were similar to filet mignons, he wrapped them in bacon and cooked them on the grill. They were great.

    Hubby is a huge fan of venison salami and jerky.

    I am tired of buying meat at the grocery store that is injected with so much water (ticks me off) so starting next year we are going to have a deer processed annually (we are not hunters but have connections) and I am going to have the whole thing turned into hamburger. I don't think anyone will notice the difference in chili, taco's and spaghetti but my grocery bill will notice a difference. I will know, hubby will know, kids and guests will not know. >:D Our place that we are moving too is so dang thick with deer it is starting to not be funny.

    I am learning to like it a lot more due to grocery prices. Figure I'll just replace it for beef. Eventually we will raise our own beef, chickens and eggs too.

    Our neighbor is a huge bow hunting fan too. A bow hunters obsession does outweigh any horse addiction from what I have seen!