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  1. BUC

    BUC Administrator

    I'm (read programmer) am uninstalling the program that allows videos to be viewed directly from the forum without clicking the link. That's what is causing that weird:



    Just giving you guys the heads up so you don't think you're doing something wrong by only the link showing up :)
  2. desederada

    desederada New Member

    You're too late I already thought something was wrong. I recently saw another site that had the same strange code dispersed all over it's pages.

  3. BUC

    BUC Administrator

    I've been reaserching that damn error since it started happening. It's a HTML code so all searches finding and fixing the error SUCKED. Last night I just happened to stumble on a lead.

    It's all fixed and taken care of now :)

    Bye bye little  ...we will NOT miss you ;D