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Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by lori, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. lori

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    1. DW picked me up at work and we had lunch at Sam's Club. The plan was that I'd buy a few things, he'd take them home and put the things in the freezer. It was eh, 25-some degrees here, so 30-35 in the car, it probably would have been fine but not a big deal for him to take them home and put them away after lunch. I get home and the boxes of crackers, etc that we got are on the counter. Oh fine... Then I'm like... he didn't put the frozen chicken strips away... or the hot pockets... or anything. What could have been left in my near freezing car was instead left in a 65 degree house. Brilliant.

    2. We were out of kitty litter so he used potting soil. W T F. Thank god the litterbox is not in my house.

    3. Emptied buckets next to the barn, in fact, next to the grove the sliding door slides in. A little while later, when he goes to shut the door, there is some pretty good slush packed in there.

    Stay tuned folks, the night is not over...
  2. Tbitt

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    Did he have a stroke or something?

    Take him to the Dr. His brain is not working!!!!! :eek:

  3. MyTeDun

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    Damn---- He sounds just like my husband

    Good luck, I've been trying to get him close to normal for 5 yrs already with no success~ LOL
  4. Morganfan608

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    ROFLMAO!......you made my Jack & Coke go up my nose lori.....love the dirt/kitty litter thing and the buckets, well that would just send me over the edge. :Crayon:

    BTW, are the police on the way to rope off the crime scene and take you to the county 'Hilton'? Remember, your bail is just 1 post away! ;)
  5. paige

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    That right there is BS in a nutshell. But I am not much better.

    I dont know how many times we have been watching TV or something and realized all the groceries were just sitting around