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Discussion in 'The Corral' started by BUC, Jan 8, 2009.

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    I miss the thread that was taken away from us in the great tragedy of 09 (the board crash)....so let's start over!

    I live in central Illinois with my 1 and 1/2 horses....a Morgan named BoBo and a mini named BittyBo, 3 cats....Zipper, Hot Fuzz and Little Nikki. And one dog, Decker. Fosters and squatters come through from time to time :) Oh, and a Peacock who really doesn't have a name....maybe I should work on that since he's been around a while, LOL.

    I've been around horses and other critters since the day I was born. Fortunately we have our own property and have never had to board.

    As far as me? I'm almost 40 but feel 80 and look 50. I don't really ride much any more due to arthritis, but like to keep a couple of hay burners around still for eye candy. I mainly work from home selling tack but also make donuts 3 days a week for a convenience store....gets me out of the house! I spend way to much time on this forum! I love a good dry sarcastic sense of humor >:D And I love to get out and meet forum peeps. I have a wonderful BF of 14 years that still puts up with my crap and swears he will until they day I die. I hate asparagus and have a chocolate and pizza fetish. I live a very exciting boring life and love it that way :)
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    Hmmmm, maybe the bold type scared everyone away from this thread? Well, "Fools rush in .... ", so they say, so here I go! :p

    I train racehorses these days in New Mexico. Got here from IL, did a stint in KY (loved it there) and raced several summers in MI and a few winters in AZ. I got into runners because it was the only way I could see for a poor kid with bad BSing skills to make a living foolin' with horses! Worked show horses as a kid. A few years back in IL a few s'posed to be "pals" threw me up on an old jumper and talked me into riding Gambler's Choice and Puissance at their schooling show. I survived that and provided plenty of merriment to the "pals", while remaining mounted throughout. That was the last time I showed, to date, there'll probably be another, someday, down the road.

    I have an old codger of a QH (Grayson, 20) that I've had for 17 years now and a wonderful husband of 2 years. The horse is infamous in several parts of the US and was arrested in KY (tied to a tree by the cops) husband has never been arrested. We have a new (surprise!!) daughter born Oct. 8 and 4 house dogs in a tiny house. I like my barn cat alot, but don't invite her in the house.

    I like several differnt types of riding, but refuse to do anything I have to "dress up" for. My secret ambition is the Extreme Cowboy Race, but I have to wait for my next pony horse, Grayson wouldn't handle the endurance of it anymore. May be breeding for a zorse in a few years, would be cool to do the race with one of those!

    I eat my vegetables, but red meat and caffeine are the staples of my daily diet. I can sorta cook, sorta bake, but Martha Stewart has yet to call me for advice. I will, hopefully, quit smoking for good (again) this year.

    While I occassionally cannot help myself and have to "stir the sh#t" a little, I long ago decided that I don't really need the world to approve of, or agree with, me. I don;t always agree with the world, either. S'alright!

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    Ummmmmmmmm, no one else posting here? Is this some kinda "see-who-falls-for-it" topic and I get the "neener, neener"??
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    My name is Kim. I live in Central IL and currently have 13 horses. I love them all and cannot imagine how boring my life was before I got the 1st one in 2002. I grew up with friends that had horses but never had one until I turned 19, then I had my daughter and had to sell the 2 horses I had at that time.
    I met my husband in 1992 and we got married in 2000. I have one daughter from my 1st marriage. She just had my 1st grandchild, a boy, Hunter on Nov, 29 08. So now I am a grandma but that is ok. I love kids and animals of all kinds. I am the person that ends up with the dog / cat that is going to be "taken out and dumped", so life is always interesting at our home. I have two large mixed breed dogs and a dachshund named Pumpkin, 4 cats at home and 3 cats at the barn. Riding is not all that important to me, I just enjoy being around my horses, or my friends horses and if we ride that is fine, but not a big deal to me at all. I hope to do more riding this year so people will quit asking my why I have all these horses and don't ride them. ::) I take pictures of anything I can really and usually travel with a camera. I got a small one to carry in my purse since my grandson was born, because you can never be too prepared to capture cuteness. I love that all my horses look different from each other. I really like blue eyed horses. I have a lot of great friends that I have met because of my horses and I am thankful everyday that I'm able to be around them.
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    My name is Susan, I live in northern IL. I have pups and kitties, no horse right now. I graduated in Equine Science and have been riding for 35 + years. I am an Equine Massage Therapist and also work for a doggy daycare and boarding facility. I've lived up here for 17 years and before that Buffalo Grove, IL.
    I love tornado chasing and am weathergirl. :D I'm mostly a homebody, but occasionally like to cut loose. ;)
    I am divorced and like it that way and I love entering sweepstakes. :)
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    OK, I guess I'll jump in here. seeing I tend to be a lurker. (I don't post much) I live in N. Illinois. I have...um.....WAAAAY too many horses. Two dogs, one bunch of cats. (they do come in bunches right?) This may be the reason I am single. Someday I hope to learn to cook, right now pasta and grilled cheese are my specialties. I tend to be outdoors most of the time, and I am on the 'puter usually only in bad weather or late nights. (hence the snow today!) I love showing horses and working with the 4-h kids. (I enjoy sending some kids home too!) I think "Bolt" and "Ground Hog Day" pretty much sums up my mentality. I like having fun, but I will work my ass off when needed. And, yes, I have gone out on stormy nights to help a friend with a flat tire! (On I90 in that stupid junk truck I told them to sell years ago!!) And I know my true friends would do the same for me. (for money of course) Horses are my life. I work for a training barn and then come home and train here at my farm. I have no life. I am glad to have a virtual family!! Thanks Midwest! :-*
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    Well it's ABOUT damn time, girl! (Chumley) Good posting.
    I'm too sick right now to come up with anything even remotely clever. I'll be back...
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    OK, my turn.

    My name is Jorie, I live in central IL. with my boyfriend and my 2 wonderful kids. I am divorced, but think I found Mr. Right finally, so I will probably take one more march down the isle ;) I have introduced him to my love of horses so now we have 4, and the kids and him ride more then I do now...go figure. We also have 1 fat cat, and 1 dog. I am a stay at home mom mostly, I do however work at the barn where we board a few times a week. My life is kinda boring and quiet for the most part, I have a good group of friends, but not many that like horses...so Im always up for meeting "horsey" people. Im pretty easy to talk to, I get along with mostly everyone... I am a good friend but if I am ever crossed...watch out! >:D
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    My name is Christy. I am a happily married mother of 3 who all love horses. I have 5 horses and 2 dogs. I manage a boarding barn and never have time to ride. I had major back surgery a few years ago so only get to ride for a short time anyway. I love to watch my kids ride. My son shows on the APHA circuit and my daughter seems to just like to grab her horse and jump on so I guess she freestyle rides LOL!. My littlest has a pony who for the most part is a gem but sometimes he likes to buck kids off now and then well thats about it for me.
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    Hey Everyone! Welcome to MWH from fabulous Belllllllloiiiiiiiiiiit Wisssssconsinnnnnnnn!

    I am a QH gal myself, but started riding in Germany where my mother was a trainer. I don't like tight pants and funny boots. I like BLING and going slow and looking pretty and aparently spending all my Bling on the horses. I have three lovely ladies at home just to keep the pasture down. A QH red roan mare that is a forever retired horse, a QH and a TB broodie. Then there is Hank, he is my IBHA stud muffin who lives at the trainers so that I dont have enough $$ to get into trouble with. I have a "bunch" of mutts that I love dearly who are all "off the board" rescues. There is a tank that has some fish in it but no one is claiming ownership of them. I have a SO and we have a complicated relationship at best. I work 4 10 hour days a week up in Madison, WI as a nurse for a health ins co. Love my job love my boss hate a few of the folks i work with. I really am a bitch for all intents and purposes and if anyone tells ya different they are lying to ya.
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    Hi. My name is Tina. I am 42, married and have 2 kiddos. Tawni 11 and Trey 10. We have 3 quarter horses and a $%^*& pony. We love the pony, she just keeps us on our toes! The kids are too big to ride her these days but my nephews love her. My daughters mare is 27 and still kickin, her son is 13 and my horse is 18. I am not able to ride as much as I would like. Health problems this past year kept me on the ground. I am a RN in cardiac care. Love my job. Know alot of you from another website LOL.
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    I am Dennis, one of the few men I guess brave enough to stay on here. I am pretty well retired from three different occupations, police officer, paramedic, teacher. I now work part time as a bailiff in traffic court. Married second time around, converted a city girl to county girl. We live on five acres with two horses which are getting some years on them so we dont ride much any more. We have one fat house cat, two deck cats who will not live in the barn and some barn cats. We have two spoiled rotten golden retrievers who own the house. I really do enjoy all the various topics on the board even the XX RATED one that usually cause me to blush. btw my little place is just outside of Kankakee
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    Heather here. 8)

    I'll be 25 on March 9Th, I have two horses, both APHA's. One is a five year old, bay tobiano, barrel mare (Treasure), and the other is a 20 month old black and white filly/yak with a crooked leg. I board them both an hour from home (62 miles) because I don't think I could handle a boarding barn again and there's nothing affordable with decent T/O close to home.

    I've been with my BF for over 7 years, and we've been living together for 6 of those 7 years. I work as a Communications Coordinator in LaGrange, and live in Brookfield. I've been riding since I was 4, and have done and shown in Barrel Racing, Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, H/J on the NIHJA and B circuits, dabbled in Eventing and Dressage, Halter, Showmanship, trail guiding, and all around stupidness/craziness (indian tag and so on).

    I never want kids (really don't like other people's either, sorry all you moms...) and the jury is still out on marriage. I voted for McCain.

    Favorite quote;
    "Now you see why evil will always triumpth, because good is dumb"
    Dark Helmet - "Spaceballs"

    Favorite Songs;
    "Shooting Star" by Tesla
    "Awful Beautiful Life" by Darrel Whorley
    "When I Grow Up" The Pussycat Dolls (I like to pretend I have rythm and a ghetto bootay when I go dancing, and this is the song to do it to...)

    Treasure and I in October
    Fabby, the filly
    A TB I used to own and miss a lot, Speed.
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    Hi! My name is Shannon. I own Stateline Stables and my life pretty much revolves around the horses and has since I was 12 years old. My days in the barn consist of teaching riding lessons, riding horses, and hanging out with all the boarders. I have ridden somewhere around 1000 different horses over the last 18 years. I love my job but I also love when I get to get away on a vacation or even enjoy getting away for an afternoon with my family. I love animals and own quite a few- 1 pig, 2 ponies, 10 barn cats, 3 house cats, 3 dogs, 1 chinchilla, 1 bunny, and 6 horses. I got married last January to a really good guy (Josh). We had a baby boy (Nicholas) in September and I also have a 6 yr. old stepson (Jordan). I plan on getting pregnant early this summer and try for a girl(Brookelyn or Callie). I would love to retire in 20 years and move to somewhere that it does not snow.
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    I'm Chrissie. I have one horse a Morgan mare named Mischief. All I am going to say is that I live in North Pole, Alaska... I can't get specific because I may wake up with no pony.... um... I have been on a horse since I could hold my head up.

    um.. no kids.. don't plan on having any.. we have 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 horse. Married to the best hubby in the world for 11 years.

    That is all I can say... I don't want the aliens to know too much about me... they are cloning people now ya know......

    HALL FARMS Insert Title Here

    My name is Paula. I am 36 years old. I live in Southern IL (36 miles up from the bottom of the state). I work as a Special Education Teacher's Aide during the school year.
    In the past, I have been a 911/Sheriff Dispatcher (small county politics made me decide my family was more important than the stress), I was also a medical billing clerk/office manager for a physical therapy clinic. At times I do miss being a 911 Dispatcher.

    I am married to a Farmer/HS AG Teacher. We have been married 12-1/2 years and we have a 7 year old son. We reside on a farm with 2 collies, too many cats, and 7 horses....we will soon be adding a coondog pup to the family this next week.

    We commercial vegetable farm (3,000 plus tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, sweet corn, and a host of garden vegetables....and 100 pound pumpkins if the deer don't get to them first).

    I pretty much get along with most people. I don't like liars and usually tell things like it is. I don't really like confrontation but won't back down if I am in the right.
    I am a horrible house keeper but my barn is usually clean!
    I like to draw and love photography but am by no means a professional picture taker.

    Right now, I am trying to change my lifestyle and get healthier than what I currently am.
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    One of these days you will slip up >:D

    Hi All,

    I am Ponythief
    I like pretty black ponies.
    I own 1 pretty black Pony.
    I am a Godmother to Buc's pretty black pony.
    I heart Morgans.
    I like to hid behind my name.

    On the flip side:

    I am Deb to most.
    I am married to the most wonderful husband for going on 26 yrs. He supports me and for the most my pony habits. So I have to support his Mule. Together we just like to trailride and enjoy each others company. He is my Best Friend. We live just a bit North of Springfield in the counrty.

    I have 2 children.
    Lyns is 16 and also has her own horse. She calls him Davey, I call him "Butt Ugly" but none the less she loves him. Together they barrel race and pole bend and have started a little on working steers. She has found "boys" and I am not liking it!

    Jarob (not Jacob) is almost 14. His name was formed between 2 grandfathers, James and Robert together we came up with Jarob. If we hadn't than he would of went through life as JimBob. No way! LOl He is not into horses anymore, he use to ride baby bulls also known as calfs at Jr. Rodeo. Of course he is a natural horse rider and has a talent since the first day when he jumped on at 4. But thats okay he loves sailing, boating, just about anything to do with water. But is a horrible swimmer, go figure. :)

    Me, I tend to be quiet in a group of people. I love meeting new people tho. I have daycared inhome for going on 16 yrs now. I love the ages between 2 and 4. I don't do much shopping, hate malls. I hate to fly in airplanes. I love my sweat pants and ratty sweatshirts. I love to just sit around a campfire and enjoy the outdoors. I have met some great people here. And even consider some as my closet friends in life.

    Oh, I have 4 dogs, A yellow lab, a red bone coonhound, a heeler/aussie, and the meanest little min pin you can come across.
    3 barn cats. And hubby has HIS rooster, Rocky(for the time being) and 3 hens.

  18. Hi! I'm Amber; I've got a pretty mixed bag of 'kids' that includes 4 dogs, some cats (and they DO come in bunches, lol), a cockatiel, peacocks, chickens, 2 appys, a young palomino, a weanling mule, and if the roads clear, we'll have a Belgian this weekend (fingers crossed!). I live in Southern IN, close to the Pike State Forest. If any of you are ever coming out here for a ride, let me know! Seems like I'm the only one in the county that actually RIDES their horses. ???
    Anyhoo, it looks like this forum has a great bunch of people and I look forward to getting to know you! Have a great day!
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    Howdy, friends.

    I'm a 41 yr old self-proclaimed horse addict. LOL

    I have both horses and mules. We raise the mules to coon hunt off of.

    I am admittedly still kinda a newbie when it comes to dressage and jumping. I like the barrels, trail riding and western pleasure. Despite my ignorance of the english riding world, I want to learn and I catch on quick. I will offer support when I can and hope to make more friends here. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and your wonderful horses!