What's your thermostat set at?

Discussion in 'The Loafing Shed' started by snaffle, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    What is your thermostat set at during the day?


    I am setting mine lower during the day this year..

    and raising it at night when the temperatures are close to zero.
    I have always turned the furnace down at night to the lowest it could go..which is 45 degrees..
    but found out ... that if I set it to 55 or 59 during those 3 or 4 nights of sub zero..
    I didnt have any pipes freeze

    I still use the tiniest kerosene heater made..and run it every day all day..
    and only on the nights the outside temp is zero

    modified to say: I do not have young children at home or I would have my thermostat set much higher
  2. BUC

    BUC Administrator

    We keep it at 60 most of the time and 64 for a few hours in the evening. I cannot stand the smell of kerosene or I'd consider that. We have a fireplace but it hasn't been used in several years. This summer were going to get it inspected and cleaned and ready to use for next winter. We were going to do that this year but never got around to it. Wish to heck we had!

  3. darkhorse

    darkhorse New Member

    68 during the day, 64 at night.
  4. Shannon

    Shannon New Member

    68 all the time.
  5. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    If there is a kerosene odor coming from a heater..
    it is because the wick is set too high.. too low.. or the kerosene is not pure and clear.

    This year I am having much better luck than last year. I changed distributors.

    Last year a truck driver brought me 100 gallons for my drums..
    pumped it directly from his truck. I swear he did not purge his hose before coming to my house. Lying [email protected] He said he did. :p

    I had to battle black smoke and smell all season and clogged wicks.

    I dropped my argument with the guys who supplied it, because we are a small country town.. and they argued with me that no one else ever complained.

    I am the only one using a teeny tiny heater.. so if there is something in the kerosene and it is not perfectly clear, it would show up in a small heater.
    I still have about 10 gallons of it sitting in jugs. Just cant use it in my heater.
  6. TwistedWire

    TwistedWire Guest

    Anywhere from 59-65.

    And I couldn't get my kerosene wick to cooperate. :mad:
  7. Morganfan608

    Morganfan608 New Member

    From 3-8 am & 3-8 pm 68. From 8am-3pm & 8pm-3am 63. It's 'warmer' when we all start getting up in the morning and when the kids come home from school. Everyone has a down comforter on their bed and various weights of quilts/cotton blankets to choose from. I can't stand being too warm when I'm sleeping or working around the house during the day.
  8. Mass

    Mass Senior Member and Masscaster

    Usually 66 to 68 all the time.
  9. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    Twisted you need a new wick at the beginning of the season

    especially after the crud we got from 'that place' last year
  10. JZ

    JZ New Member

    I have no furnace.
  11. JenR

    JenR Formerly Underworld Queen

    70 during the day and 65 at night, and global warming be damned.
  12. BUC

    BUC Administrator

    Have you always lived like an Eskimo JZ, LOL. I remember giving you shit last winter!
  13. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    JZ what do you use for heat ?
  14. horsefreak

    horsefreak New Member

    Yeah that's a good question?

    Ours has a program that you set, so it's at 62 during the day and at night, and 65 right before I wake up and when I come home from work. I have to turn it up a bit when the grandkids come over, the baby always has a cold.
  15. BUC

    BUC Administrator

    She has a fireplace she keeps stoked. Just didn't want anyone to think she froze to death if she doesn't come back on for a while :)
  16. Angellou

    Angellou Senior Member

  17. 60 degrees all the time.
  18. JZ

    JZ New Member

    BUC's right...we use a woodburner. :D

    Right now it's 80 degrees inside. Sometimes it gets chilly, like mid 60's but usually it's quite warm. It feels warmer when we have water in the pot on top of the woodstove. There is a window behind the stove--we keep that cracked open so the stove pulls air from there and we don't feel drafts.

    it's nice...and other than the work we put into cutting and splitting wood, heating is pretty close to free.

    the downside is, if no one is around to stoke the fire, it gets pretty cold.

    someday I'd really like to have one of these:


    burn a hot fire twice a day, the heat is stored in the structure and released slowly, and that's it!
  19. JZ

    JZ New Member

    lol, no, believe it or not, I grew up very conventionally. DH is the one who was all about wood heat. We sold our house a year ago in May, and the new owners used our system (little bitty propane pig tank for the furnace combined with the fireplace insert for heat) for the first winter, but we noticed that they switched the little tank for a great big shiny new propane tank for this winter.

    eh...it worked for us, and we sure didn't use much propane. 8)
  20. snaffle

    snaffle Guest

    I find it so interesting that many of us are lowering the temperatures in our homes.

    Everyone used to keep them at 70 and I think it was Lady Bird Johnson who asked everyone to turn them down to 68 to save energy. I never thought I could survive in a house less than 68 but I am doing it!

    I wear moccasins and a sweatshirt every day..

    it slays me when I hear about teenie boppers who make their parents keep the thermostat up so they can run around the house in shorts and barefoot.

    Spoiled brats!! :p Just wait until they are on their own, paying their own bills! ;)