Wild Game Day - Sunday March 8, Buckley, IL

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  1. lori

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    Wild Game Day
    Doc's on 45, 130 S. Railroad, Buckley IL 217-394-2430
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    Sunday, March 8, starting at noon.

    Wild game samples are free.
    Also a regular menu offered.

    I believe she said they'll have like, venison chili, squirrel gravy, might have some bear if he "got one." A couple other things. Plus some pretty decent sounding bar food besides.

    Is anyone willing to hold my hand while I try to eat squirrel gravy?
  2. MelW

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    *drool* have fun..i will mentally hold your hand, but trust me you wont need it...

  3. BUC

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    I might be able to talk to BF into going. You taking the man? I'm not holding your hand though...I'll fight you for squirrel.